A & D Kirilov Antique Restorers

A & D Kirilov Antique Restorers
Your favourite antiques are in our hands, for we are keeping the traditions of the old masters

Restoration of Fine Antique Furniture,
String Musical Instruments and Objects of Art
A & D Kirilov Antique Restorers
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Fine antique furniture Restoration
Charles Boulle Restoration
String Musical Instruments Restoration
Objects of Art and Timepieces Restoration
Antique silver shop
String musical instruments shop
Restoration Services
We will examine the condition, restore and maintain your collection with integrity and dedication.
Fine antique furniture, veneer, inlay, structural and other damage.
All pieces that are created by Charles Boulle technique. Inlayed with tortoiseshell, brass, pewter, etc.
Violins, violas, cellos, double basses and their bows
Timepieces, frames, carvings, boxes, tortoiseshell and ivory inlay, bronze sculptures, paintings and more

A & D Kirilov Antique Restorers

Started with an "impossible" assignment in 1993 from one of the leading antique dealers at the time. We had completed quite a few jobs beforehand, but the difficulty and extent of that project marked it as the beginning of our career as restorers in South Africa.
Since then hundreds of fine pieces have been lovingly restored and brought back to life by us. We enjoy our work so much that we do it all ourselves from meeting with the client and examining the pieces, through the complete process of restoration to the delivery back home. Here is some more personal information on both of us.
Dimitar Kirilov
Professional musician and violin maker

Qualified as a performing Cellist and music teacher from the National Academy of Music in Bulgaria with a Masters Degree in Music.
Became a member of the Bulgarian Violin Makers Guild in 1988.
Absolute perfectionist and the "backbone" of our business. His passion for music has translated to all musical instruments and their preservation for future generations.
After expanding our business to antique furniture, Dimitar dedicated his expertise to the field with great success applying the integrity and traditions of the old masters.
Albena Kirilova
Antique Furniture Restorer
Her absolute love of all things old and fascination with history inspires her desire to bring all antique pieces to their former glory. Careful research of the historical periods and background helps her touch every piece with more understanding. She is well known for writing articles on the care and history of antique furniture for The Collector magazine. Albena's experience in antiques retail and as part of the team organising the National Antiques and Decorative Arts Faire was to her great advantage allowing her to examine and handle a variety of pieces.

A & D Kirilov Antique Restorers

71 Conduit Street, Johannesburg North
Randburg 2188

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A & D Kirilov Antique Restorers
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